Monday, July 27, 2009

John K and influences

Ok, got 3 goodies today:

First, here's a link to an old article on Animation World Magazine's website with John Kricfalusi, talking about his cartoon influences. It provides not only the names of animators and producers, but also the particular cartoon episodes that are of interest to him.

One he found awesome (as do I) is called, "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery," with Daffy Duck. I'm sure anyone in my generation remembers this from their childhood!

Lastly, I have a link to a bunch of Spumco Flash Animations, included therein "Weekend Pussy Hunt," and "The George Liquor Show." These are pretty cool, but not as fluid as actual animations and a little burdensome to get through with a slow internet. Nevertheless, I think Spumco is amazing for what they've done with the medium.

I was looking for a good picture of John Kricfalusi to do a caricature, but I got distracted with all of this! My next post should be that caricature of John K.

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