Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Lindberg Family Caricature

I introduce to you: my brother Jacob, his wife Liz, and their illegitimate child, Bella.

I inked this bad boy with india ink and a brush. Also did washes to build up some value. I actually added the color with Photoshop, so as to "foresee" how it would look with some blue washes to distinguish the figures a little bit. Without this color, the composition is a bit confusing. So, now that I know what to do where, I'm gonna mix me up a nice blue wash and actually put it down!

warm epileptic glow

FIRST: A picture of myself with my better half, all hatted up in Asilah, a coastal city in northern Morocco!

SECOND: Remember when your Nintendo used to be on the fritz, flickering crazy lights and showing a whole bunch of crazy numbers. It was pretty frustrating at the time, but it's kind of a cool idea to experiment with (however, not for people that are prone to a seizure or two). Anyways, I figgered out how to do animation in Photoshop, so here goes:

THIRD: I've been drawing to be sure, but as I have no scanner here in Morocco (and dubious lighting conditions sometimes), it's not always easy to produce images to post. Let the aforeposted Frank Zappa be an indication of this fact. I have a desire to try to post daily, so I might have to use strange, non sequitir "fillers" such as these to bridge the gap, so they say. Maybe that's a good thing. It'll help me be more random.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

my buddy: FZ

I've never gotten the pleasure of meeting Frank (I was like 11 when he passed away), but if Frank Zappa were alive today, I'd probably ask him to be my buddy. He's nifty! Here's a sketch of Frank on the john! I saw him on the potty before (on the internet!), but not with the guitar. I heard that Jimi Hendrix used to shred while pooping, so I figure if Jimi did it, it's not inconceivable that Frank could do the same!

I just finished an inked, comic booky caricature of Frank, but I'm waiting to scan it so that I can add digital color. Here's a little preview:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Alas, poor Lindberg, I knew him well...

30 minutes in photoshop (with mouse). I will work on it more (maybe).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gonzo Johnson

Sounds like the name of a porn star, actually...