Sunday, July 19, 2009

Comics, Caricatures, and Characters

Ok, I've been keeping a sketchbook and have been pretty busy recently. This first one is actually pretty old: from when we just arrived here in Morocco.

Sketch of Emily at the computer.

A few presidents, new and old: Sarkozy (France) and his wife and the departed "W"

My mug. Forehead needs to be bigger.

This is a little guy I created after watching alot of Spumco-based work. I think I'll keep running with him. I feel like putting him in different scenarios is a good way to try to understand his personalities. So far, this is what I know about him: he has an affinity for booze (and possibly smokes), has a New England accent, be it Boston or New York, has a short, and sometimes violent temper (a la Ren Hoek), and is periodically manic.

In completing these I've been putting myself outside of my comfort zone of black and white, and especially with watercolor. I'm not very familiar with painting, but I have a great respect for well chosen colors and I really like the immediacy of mixing them.

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