Friday, November 10, 2006

BFA thesis (May 2006) art pt 3

"Spray #1", blood, saliva, tea, and ink on claybord

"Spray #1" closeup

"Spray #2", blood, saliva, tea, and ink on claybord

"Spray #2" closeup

This is a view of my BFA show held in Gallery 100 at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia (April 2006)

BFA thesis (May 2006) art pt 2

"Migration #1", gouache and ink on claybord

"Migration #1" closeup

"Migration #2", gouache and ink on claybord

"Migration #2" closeup 1

"Migration #2" closeup 2

BFA thesis (May 2006) art pt 1

This is kinda what started it all...basically the idea of a spreading entity, although it didn't actually show up in my BFA show

Like the first image, this wasn't in my BFA show, but it cracked me up every time I looked at it, so I just had to show it

"Fine Feathered Friends: Shock and Awe", lithograph with screenprinted color

"The Origin of the End of the World", 3-color lithograph

This is a drawing I did atop one of my "Origin" screwups. Didn't show up in my show, but I thought to show it here

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some Artsy Photos pt. 2

As before, if you click on the images to make them larger, and you happen to get nothing but code, refresh or reload the browser and the image should appear

I've been told that my pores are my best feature...

Mine and Emily's jack-o-lanterns...mine's the scared looking one, Emily's is the hellfire and we collaborated on the one in the middle

Our camera's macro close up mode is undoubtedly my favorite setting

I've heard that there's amazing phenomena that occurs within the puddle of liquid wax that surrounds a lit candle wick

Pumpkin slaughter

Some Artsy Photos pt. 1

If when you click on the images to expand them, and you get nothing but code, click the refresh or reload button and they should come up.

Sunset on Catawba Island near Miller Ferry

Facial pubes!

View of moisture drops on our apartment window looking northward

I found this beast setting up camp in our living room! Emily wanted it dead, but I had to photograph it first!

Crunch crunch yum yum

Friday, October 13, 2006

The firsts of this unnamed (as of yet) series...

This piece was the first that I completed (ink on board). Pardon the fish-eyed's actually a rectangular piece. The following images below are all closeups.

This is my second piece of this series, completed with ink and marker. The following are closeups. Again, pardon the distortion.

I'm working on others right now, but I haven't photographed them yet. I anticipate working with graphite and color inks in addition to marker and black ink. Tell me what you think...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm In!!!!!!

Soon, i'm going to start uploading some of the art that I've been working on in the past year. After that, hopefully I'll use this blog to continuously upload images of current art. Enjoy this little tribute to Roy Lichtenstein entitled "Your Mouth Scares My Child!"