Friday, January 16, 2009

My first hack at illustrator

This started out as simply a way to "see" the notes of my bass guitar. While I don't know how successful that was (the colors of the fretboard are still somewhat visually confusing), I do enjoy the concept that sprung in the background and that completes the image.

Yeah, the lighting is underdeveloped. As is the figure. But...maybe it's not. After all, it is in the background...i didn't want it to "steal the show."

I've realized that illustrator has some limitations, for instance, you can't do a "transparency blend" (but now you can in CS4) the same way that you can do a blend of color within a live paint group. That's my biggest complaint. But, i am a novice, so there's probably tricks that I don't know that I should have employed to make some sweeter transparent lighting! Enjoy!

Ps...the main lighting on the figure (from the left) is coming from behind the figure. It was terribly hard to apply lighting affects in Illustrator.

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Alex of Vulcan said...

Dude!!! I've been meaning to get back to you, you've posted several times, and i'm terrible at getting back to people...

But that's fuckin' sharp, man. First crack at illustrator? I don't believe it, that's really well done! Nice graphic look, and it looks like you've already mastered the pen tool.

Cripplecon was amazing. I haven't partied that hard since college. I did some fun pictures, but mostly I was drinking, lol.

I'm glad things are going well for you out there, thanks for keeping in touch, I'll try to be better about it, lol.