Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The following suite of 8" x 9" pen and ink drawings, collectively entitled "Systems," were created in anticipation of their showing at Mason Murer Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia. They will be on display April 6th.

Click on the images to open high res versions.

"Octonodal Horizon"

"Octonodal Horizon" closeup

"Melancholy Physiognomy"

"Melancholy Physiognomy" closeup 1

"Melancholy Physiognomy" closeup 2

"Bubble Chamber Suite Remaster"

"Bubble Chamber Suite Remaster" closeup

"Injection Site"

"Injection Site" closeup

"Viscous Phase Velocity"

"Viscous Phase Velocity" closeup 1

"Viscous Phase Velocity" closeup 2

"Origin Realities"

"Origin Realities" closeup 1

"Origin Realities" closeup 2

"Cultural Embrace"

"Cultural Embrace" closeup 1

"Cultural Embrace" closeup 2

"Lineage in Dimension 4"

"Lineage in Dimension 4" closeup 1

"Lineage in Dimension 4" closeup 2

"Moment Before Rebirth/Explosion/Infinitum"

"Moment Before Rebirth/Explosion/Infinitum" closeup 1

"Moment Before Rebirth/Explosion/Infinitum" closeup 2


Aaron said...

Systems is Awesome!

Denise said...

Keep up the good work.